Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Moving Along

Using the nature of the material is such a journey. Charcoal, so soft to touch, loves to be messy, leaving bits scattered about and marking everything it touches. I love that aliveness and unruly nature. And because I use a workable fixative on the drawings and need to clean the nozzle each time I use it,  I spray it on the bottom of my drawing wall . Well over time this has happened. Having poor housekeeping skills can be such a gift.

A black hole in my studio, thanks workable fixative
workable fixative on the bottom of my drawing wall

Yesterday I went to the studio knowing I needed to make circles. Well actually I needed to move the energy so time to grab my thick stick of charcoal and have fun. Used my last sheets of paper and ended up with lots of circles. Looks like a pan of oreo cookies. But it loosened me up to see where this all wants to go next.

oreo cookies

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