Friday, January 4, 2013


Back drawing circles again. Lines appeared connecting the circles. I wasn't expecting this. Hmmm, actually I love when this happens. Nudges me along. And I have been wanting to work in the reverse, on white paper, so started some more circles, using charcoal. Still haven't started going back through my old notebooks, seem daunting and easier to just let the connections appear or happen. As this one did this morning. [2nd photo]

# 35, The Black Notebook

in geometry, 2008, Digital image, encaustic, 3 panels, 24 in H x 72 in W


  1. Just found your fascinating blog - love the simplicity of your images, especially your 3 orange encaustic panels .. and don't throw out those sketch books. To me, it'd be like throwing away your soul...

  2. So glad you found the blog Margaret, and thanks for your lovely words. And I won't be trowing out those sketch books any time soon, still have to re-read them! At a glance, some are more words than sketches.


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