Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Night Shadows

About 8 pm most nights, you will see J. and I and Zoe, cross the front lawn heading over to our neighbours road for our evening walk. Some nights we star gaze, some nights we talk, some nights we don't, and some January nights are so cold that we only make it to the road before turning around to come home. But every night I pass this tree, admiring its shadows as I walk beneath. Some nights so cold the snow sparkles.

And here is a link to a summer evenings walk [link]

Night shadows from the Horse Chestnut


  1. The sparkly crust of snow, the almost-touchable star-flecked sky - the inside and outside of the world as we know it. Once it was thought that the sky was the inside of a sphere; we live on the earth and under the sky. Tim Ingold writes about this in his recent book of essays, Being Alive. Thanks for bringing this to mind ... I now need to find my copy of that book and re-read it!

  2. I'll check out this book Margaret, thanks for the tip, and I'm so glad to hear that others thought that we live inside of a sphere! Shocking and wonderful to learn as a child we didn't.


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