Saturday, January 8, 2011

Sketch Book Project

I am almost finished my book for the Sketch Book Project, just need to re-glue the pages to the cover, re-glue the cover and see what else it wants. It's a fun project and I am learning a lot. Actually it's a lot like sewing with all the planing ahead and visualizing how it will go together. The book is 80 pages which I printed in groups of 8, cut and folded and glued the next 8 pages ect.ect., so that I have ended up with a  400 inches long accordion style book. Will post images of the book as soon as it is finished but meanwhile here are some images from the pages.

Portrait of an Artist Eating an Apple


  1. La pomme fait partie de la panoplie des portes bonheurs à Noël en république Tchèque. Mais , il faut que l'intérieur soit * étoilée*. C'est pour *ça que les gens y place un anis étoilé.

  2. Merci Beatrice, it's great to have more stories about the "apple", love the idea of the interior-core and stars. Thanks


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