Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Adam and Eve

While gathering the images [from my very tidy files] for yesterdays post, I went off on a detour when I came across the image of the open hand. Years ago I had used that photo, actually the much photocopied photo, when I did a series with the 3 Graces eating apples [they were loving it!]. Being reminded led me to do some cursory research into the images of Adam and Eve from the Renaissance. While this myth is told in every culture, in some form or another, a few things struck me about these paintings that I had never noticed before. Eve is always on the right, Adam on the left [does that make Eve always right?] and Adam is often perplexed and scratching his head. Putting these small snippets of paintings together also made me very aware of the glorious use of color, the luminosity of the flesh tones, and the power of the dark backgrounds. They really are gorgeous aren't they?
Adam and Eve

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