Friday, January 21, 2011


The new hard drives are slowly filling up and even better, they are getting organized. What is really fun about this job is categorizing the images, that and seeing so clearly what ones preoccupations are and have been: bodies, trees, textures, lines, houses, skies, water, light and shadow. Finding things I have not yet finished or have not yet figured out quite how to do or use, is another major benefit. A while after "The Forest Vessels" I made some containers or vessels out of packing tape, and while I loved their shape I disliked how they felt, [the tape has a slithery feeling] and how they reacted to light. However they photographed beautifully.
Packing tape bowls or vessels
Packing tape has been used by a lot of artists over the years but the most fun and brillant use is by Numen/For Use. These spiderweb-like installations by Austrian-Croatian design firm Numen/For Use involved wrapping between 70-45 km of tape and 4-7 days, depending on their location. This installation will soon travel to Melbourne, Buenos Aires and other cities. I love the artery/vein feel.


  1. Great use of tape, thanks for the inspirational post, Liz. I would love to work more with light and translucency - another dimension to the usual elements of design.

  2. Hi Noella, have fun using the tape, it's a fun medium and inexpensive to use, [I get it at the local dollar store], so that one can play to ones hearts content. Hope you are high and dry and the rains have stopped. The photos on the news have been impressive. Loved your 'clown" boots.


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