Thursday, January 27, 2011

Frost On The Old Windows

Well we had had a pretty easy time of it this winter but all that came to an end with wicked cold on Monday and Tuesday. Friends had pipes freeze, peoples cars wouldn't start and Zoe really didn't want to go outside. Can't say I blame her, neither did I. Living in an old house means you learn to take certain percausions when the temperature drops. We leave the heat on higher at night so the basement stays warm or warmer. We really don't want any frozen pipes and the basement is not well insulated [another job on the list]. In the living room most of the windows are still the orginal windows built in 1862 and there is still a good amount of the orginal glass, full of bubbles and imperfections. John figures at least 10 generations of owners have spent time scrapping, repairing and repainting these old beauties and although we know we should replace them we are loath to do so. It's the extreme cold which brings up the debate again, as they are covered with frost when we come down in the morning. Beautiful, but someday they will have to go. But not yet. I can still enjoy the patterns and textures of the frost and the lovely bubbles in the glass.
Frost on the old windows


  1. Exquisite. Love the old glass and the bubbles. I once owned a house with these lovely wabi sabi features - miss them dearly.

  2. Thanks Noela, I know what you mean about missing them, we have replaced about half of our old windows and even tho the new ones look very similar, they don't have the life or quality of light the old ones had. Mind you we are much warmer and they are a hundred times easier to clean.

  3. Your mosaics are a daily pleasure for the eye.

  4. Thanks so much cerulean I get a lot of pleasure doing them so it's really nice that you are enjoying them.


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