Saturday, January 15, 2011


As you can see I am still filling images away. These are ones I found yesterday and seem to follow the idea of Gathering Lines, the last post. A few years ago I did a series of drawings which I called the scribble drawings. At first all I wanted was to make marks [hugely pleasurable in itself] on the paper [in this case vellum] that would make visible the essence of the stroke of the pencil or the crayon or the charcoal. I wanted or rather hoped that the energy of my hand and pencil; the way my body moved in the gestures, and repetition of the stroke of the pencil on the surface; all that would be visible, and that in the very "act" of making marks something, or some new understanding would emerge.
From the Scribble Drawings


  1. I love mark making and scribbles and lines and textures.

  2. Hi Donna and Leslie, think we are attracted to the same things, one thing keeps cropping up for me and that is I love making things, some call it art, some a garden, whatever, it doesn't really matter what it gets called, there is so much pleasure to be found in this place.


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