Monday, January 10, 2011

A Portrait of an Artist Eating an Apple

Finished. Well I think it's finished, I will probably take most of the day to look and ponder, then pop it in the mail. Still not sure about the title, am thinking of using the blog post title, but will decide later. It is a interesting project organized by the Brooklyn Art Library called The Sketchbook Project, 2011 and has 28,835 artists from 94 countries  each filling a sketchbook. The project travels around the U.S. stopping in Portland, Maine, Atlanta, Washington, Winter Park, Austin, San Francisco, Seattle and Chicago. I love road trips so I hope it has a good time. 
Different views of the sketchbook


  1. Liz this is super. What an effort you've made. Top marks!

  2. Thanks Alice, do you realize we are finally in a show together and even if we don't get to see each other frequently our sketchbooks can travel around the U/S. together.


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