Saturday, January 29, 2011

Across The Road

It's a quiet world today, snowing, which muffles sound and always feels somehow expectant. January is almost over, the days are getting longer and I am longing for the freedom of spring. Of being able to walk easily outside, not bundled up in layers with big clunking boots. Probably an apt metaphor for how the studio work is going. Very slowly, start, stop, to much pushing, back off, look, wait, leave it alone, look again, ponder. For now I am in the looking and pondering place, waiting for some clarity, an unveiling you could say. Meanwhile I watch the horses across the road having breakfast and paying absolutely no attention to the weather.
Horses across the road


  1. What a great pic.It could be Russia!

  2. Hi Alice, some days I think it is. Russia, that is. I keep telling myself it's been a easy winter but today I am longing for spring. I bet you have stuff up already.


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