Friday, February 17, 2012

Wrapping Spring

J. came home with some daffodils the other day. I love the way that man grocery shops. We had been talking about memory; about how winter is a time barren of scent and how scent memory is so powerful, transporting one to another time and place. And while there are signs of spring with our longer days, I miss the smell of earth, of green, of growing. I long for bright, humid air full of golden sun and tiny green shoots glowing in the dirt. For now I console myself with the smell of daffs and the lovely, bright paper they were wrapped in.

Wrapping spring


  1. Daffodils bring great memories of my childhood to me.

  2. Hi Matthew, sounds like you are having more snow than we are this year. A friend wrote that her [England] daffodils are up, we are still snow and ice covered so it will be quite a while still.


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