Sunday, February 5, 2012

The Chair Project / Elizabeth Tsuk

We received another chair for the Chair Project [link here]  Elizabet Tsuk's work has been among my favourites since I first saw an exhibition at Arts Sutton of her work and Esther Williams in 2004. I love the whimsy of the work; these tiny, odd, or perhaps usual is a better word, chairs with their step ladder backs. It is as if to sit in them you are transported to another place. They had made a huge impression on me and it was a great pleasure to revisit one of them. Unfortunately Elizabeth does not have a web site for you to see more, but here are a few shots to enjoy. The shadows are wonderful.

Chair by Elizabeth Tsuk
Detail of Chair by Elizabeth Tsuk 
Shadows of  chair, Elizabeth Tsuk


  1. Magical.
    Definitely a vessel to transport one into another realm.

  2. This chair is from Narnia or other such place I think and I just love it (and the shadow) - can you give an idea of the scale Liz?

  3. Hi Jennifer, great words to describe Elizabeth's work, these chairs are a vessel to transport you to another world.

    Hi Rosie, thanks and this chair is about 12 inches high and the base about 4.5 inches by 5 inches.


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