Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Sneak Preview

My darling, John Ballantyne, is also doing a chair for The Chair Project. There has been a lot of teasing about the size of the chair and when it might be finished, as he is not known for working quickly. [I have been known to put paint rollers in his Christmas stocking...hint, hint]. Most paintings take 3 months or more, so that when he announced on the week-end that he had started I looked at the calender and started to pray. Well something happened. The guy is going full blast; I have never seen him paint like this. The paint goes on and stays on. Haven't heard the sander yet. That sound tells me I need to leave home for a while. So here is a sneak preview of his unfinished chair. To see more of John's work click here.

John Ballantyne, in the process of painting his chair


  1. Well Liz 'click here' was a real treat - the chair looks very promising but thinking of your trepidation and to use John's own words I just hope he's 'not being too sexy too fast'! His paintings are incredible and I loved reading about his process as you can tell - obviously there is room for more than 1 artist in your house! All the best

  2. Your John's work is beautiful! Best of luck with the chair's timely completion, and please show us when it's all done...

  3. Rosie, thanks for visiting John's web site, so glad you enjoyed it, I have passed along your compliments so my darling is feeling very much a happy camper.

    Thanks Anna, I think his work is beautiful too. He has such a elegant and subtle way with paint, but what I love most is how he paints light.


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