Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Almost Final Structure

Just before Christmas I made what I hoped were the final decisions for a very small edition of a book called Channelling Betty; a homage to one of my heroines, the artist Betty Goodwin. I had done several mock-ups, gotten permission from Edward Docx to use his words [I had been reading his book Pravda, while I was working on the images, and if you haven't read it I urge you to. As you can tell I loved it.] Finally got around to photographing it yesterday. A few small changes and I'll start to print. As you can see it's my favourite accordion fold structure.


  1. This is wonderful Liz - will you be selling copies? I'd be interested - I am off to the Leeds International Artist's Book Fair next week - always a great event in the UK - I'm not familiar with Betty Goodwin so I'm going to look her up now x

  2. This looks like it will be very beautiful. I know of Betty Goodwin only because I have a friend in Montreal. The words and images seem well suited.

  3. I sense a major work here; you are truly great!!!
    Hope to see it someday...

  4. Beautiful Liz. Where can I see a copy in the UK?

  5. Oh, Liz - this is exquisite - such a joy to get this sneak peek xoxox

  6. Rosie, thanks so very much, I will be selling copies if I ever finalize the structure, realize I need to make some more changes so another maquette coming up. Would love to see photos of the fair. Have a great time.

    Altoon, thank-you, she was the 1st Canadian woman artist whose work I loved and showed me, by her path, that it was possible.

    Anna, thank you so much , a lovely compliment.

    Thanks Sarah, It hasn't made it far from the studio but i know one day she will want to travel, hello England. Of course I would only go along as her chaperone.

    Thanks Noela, I was hoping it was more than a sneak preview but it back to the studio for her.

  7. Liz
    As per all of the above - this book looks like a really wonderful piece of work - well done I KNOW how much work research, trials and errors are involved !!!

    1. Thanks so much Aine, this one certainly was a challenge, I must have made 5 mock ups, but I'm happy with the final.


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