Sunday, February 19, 2012

Old Tulips

They are almost finished the tulips that we bought last week end. And in their drooping and dropping of petals and pollen on the table there is such delicate and tender beauty. Their stems soften and bend, the petals become transparent, and they are as beautiful at this stage in their life as when they were young and green and vibrant. Something for me to remember.

Fading away
Aging Tulips


  1. Ahhhh....
    I really must remember to breath
    when visiting your blog.
    Love your eye for seeing beauty
    Where would not.

  2. A visual ode to transience and decay; lovely.

  3. Oh, Liz..I agree with Jennifer - must remember to breathe - your photographs take me the ultimate place of Zen. Thank you xoxo

  4. So ethereal Liz - a beautiful death

  5. Thanks Jennifer, as you can tell from todays blog post I am worried I have crossed some line so your comment really helps.

    Thanks Altoon, that's is exactly what I was after but your comments about sentimentality have been on my mind all week; much pondering to be done, I still lack clarity.

    Noella, how lovely to hear from you and thank you. Zen is good.

    Thanks Rosie, they are beautiful in their dying aren't they.


I appreciate your thoughts and comments; thanks for taking the time.