Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Ode To My Donald Judd Refrigerator

I was working away yesterday when John peeked his head around the corner and said "Nice piece, what is it?" And I replied that it was reflections of light on the refrigerator. We started to laugh, but the truth of the matter is that this appliance has given me a ton of photo opportunities. It's one of those stainless steel boxes, hence the reference to Donald Judd, although with the light flickering off the surface maybe the reference should be to Don Flavin. The one I was working on is very long and narrow, Light Travels, but here are a couple more . Think this series will be called Ode to my Refrigerator.

Light Travels, 2012
Stand By Me, 2012

Steel Shadows, 2012


  1. You've forever changed the way I'll view our stainless steel refrigerator. John will know I've gone totally bonkers when he catches me taking photos the fridge. Ha!

  2. ha ha i had to go to a friends house yesterday and they have a black fridge, and i found myself looking at the reflections in its shiney surface and wishing i had my camera they must have thought what is he doing lol

  3. Thanks Jennifer and Simon, please join the me and the reflecting refrigerator light support group. I know there is help and hope for us all.

  4. I love these - visual potential in ordinary objects - yes!

    1. Thanks Rosaire, I love finding such beauty in the ordinary, makes my life much richer.


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