Monday, February 13, 2012

Slow Art

A friend [I can't remember who, my bad] posted this last week, so if you have already read it, forgive me. But I love Robert Hughes and his pithy way of talking about art, artists, the art world and all manner of arty things. If you haven't read his book 'Shock of the New" I recommend it, highly. He says "What we need more of is slow art: art that holds time as a vase holds water: art that grows out of modes of perception and making whose skill and doggedness make you think and feel; art that isn’t merely sensational, that doesn’t get its message across in ten seconds, that isn’t falsely iconic, that hooks onto something deep-running in our natures. In a word, art that is the very opposite of mass media." Just a tad ironic that I am quoting him using mass media, but maybe I'm quibbling. Anyways I like what he says, although I have been noticing that I usually like people that support my positions. Hmmmm.

More of the white tulips


  1. I like this too, and I love these tulip images; and I smiled at the - "I usually like people who support my positions" - so true for me as well!

  2. Thanks Fiona, so glad that resonated with you too. Susan Sontag has a wonderful line about this which I am trying to find and will post. A tad horrifying, so much for independant thought.


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