Saturday, July 30, 2011

Chris Parson's Dew Garden

I still have the images from "The Cave of Forgotten Dreams" in my minds' eye and am still in awe of our incredible need to make marks. I was watching Zoe go down to the stream the other morning, leaving a trail in the dew, and thought of this wonderful piece by Chris Parsons. According to the book "The Garden Book' published by Phaidon, he uses a large rag brush over the close- cropped lawn. He takes the photo from a nearby tree. Love that, and love what he says about dew. " Dew looks its best in the sun because it glitters. These works last 3 to 5 hours.

On another note I want to thank Seth Apter  on the Altered Page, for all his work and especially for "Buried Treasures", a blog post about buried treasure ie. unknown or undiscovered bloggers. Here is the link [Link here]. I am having fun discovering new blogs. Again, Thanks Seth.
@ Chris Parsons' Dew Garden, 1991


  1. Exquisite. I'm breathless viewing this. Thank you for sharing it.

  2. Thanks jennifer, so glad you are blown away too. Love the marks and love the light.

  3. I'm trying to locate Chris Parsons in order to see other works he has created. Any leads?

    1. Hi Pat, I came across his work in a book calledThe Garden Book, published by Phaidon in 2000 and reprinted in 2003, and I would suggest a google search, but you probably have already tried that. He seems to be a elusive as the dew gardens he creates.

    2. I work with him, and have only just found about this hidden talent of his! Shows what a modest, quiet guy he is.

    3. How wonderful, please pass along my sincere admiration for his work and tell him I would love to see more photos of his work. Thanks


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