Sunday, July 17, 2011

There is an Earwig in My Facecloth!

Ugh, well actually it was in John's, but that's right beside mine. I hate earwigs. Can't figure out what use they are at all. Do they eat mosquitoes? Are they food for bats? What is the great plan for earwigs? Out photographing early this morning and guess who was in the nasturtium. Pincher's ready. Yup, my favourite critter. Please someone; tell me why we need earwigs.

Earwig in my nasturtium


  1. Amazing shot! Right sinister looking in a way.

  2. If I remember correctly, they eat both living and dead plants mostly... I remember catching them when I was a kid and have no idea why! It seems to me that birds would like them as part of their diet, again, when I remember way, way back to grammar school science class.

  3. Hi Jennifer, they are HORRIBLE, and ever since I was a kid I was sure one was going to get in my ear and burrow into my brain....hummm that could explain a lot!

    Thanks Matt, now I know what is eating all the leaves on the plants on the terrace, now to find out who will eat them. So far the birds seem to ignore them. I also need some predator to keep the mole and chipmunk population under control, our dog has given up chasing chipmunks for sleep.


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