Sunday, July 24, 2011


Yesterday I spent the day photographing some of the new work. I am trying an idea a friend suggested and doing the shots outside. I set up John's old easel, place a large panel on it and using magnets attach the work. I put the easel with it's back to the sun and seemed to get the best light between 9 - 10.30 am. In the past I have found any of my work with encaustic a nightmare to shoot well. There are always glare spots and reflections, and while these are better, they aren't there yet. So, please, any one with any suggestions I would really appreciate it.
Tulips detail for Val so she can see how encaustic looks on photos


  1. these are exquisite.
    must see more...
    found your blog through buried treasure and will
    put it on my googlereader list to return.

  2. Hi magpie, thanks so much, and am so glad you found the blog, [thanks Seth]Look forward to seeing you again.


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