Thursday, July 7, 2011

The Maya Plant

Years ago, when I started the big studio garden, friends were very kind and gave me all sorts of plants from their gardens. So now, it really is a treat to walk around and greet all my old friends in new incarnations. Maya Lightbody was a good friend and mentor to me, in the studio and in the garden, and one of the plants she gave me I have always called the Maya plant because I could never remember it's name. So if any one recognizes it please, could you tell me it's name. It's a big plant, the kind gardeners like to call architectural, with a very round clump of deeply serrated leaves about 3 feet high, and the slender stocks hold the cluster of 3 flowers per stem another 3 feet above the leaves. As you can see the flowers are a pale yellow, about 1 inch in diameter, and wave merrily on any breeze.
Maya's plant in flower
Maya's plant forming the seed head


  1. Hey Liz, can't help you with the name of the flower but reading your post reminds me of how much I miss Maya's "Shakespeare" herbal tea. So smoky, so yummy... I used to buy bags of it when she would open up her studio for the Tour des Arts...

  2. Hi Barbara, I miss her too, especially her big laugh, love of her studio and garden, Russell and kids, her taproot of creativity. Love wandering about the garden saying Hi to Maya, and Colleen, Mum, Gran, John M, JP,: the list goes on.


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