Tuesday, July 5, 2011

My Lovely Messy Studio

Well, it's full steam ahead, getting ready for this unexpected exhibition. Good thing I did not leave the studio entirely for the garden as I do most summers. This summer is the first in 10 years where I am trying for a different balance, both studio and garden. Being a compulsive, or maybe that is obsessive, sort of person I usually love doing only one thing at a time, but this year it's time to expand my horizons to TWO. So here are some studio photos from yesterday. When you enter the studio [you are looking west] you are greeted by a tailors' dummy wearing my apron, which I can never find because I never put it back in the right spot. Now I can find it. Next photo on top is one of my work tables, actually an old one of John's, that is on coasters so I can move it around. At the end of the table is the growing stack of finished prints and beside it my big printer, tastefully wearing an old T-shirt that I use to polish the prints. Bottom left is the west working wall; I tend to work on this wall but right now some of the images for the show are drying. At the bottom left of the photo you can see another work table, with my irons, heat gun ect; all the tools I need to seal the prints with encaustic. The bottom right photo [looking south] is the view out to the garden from that table and where I am spending most of my time these days. And in the center is another work table, beside a niche in the concrete for my treasures.
Studio shots, July 4, 2011


  1. I think our definitions of messy might be a bit different - my studio would be off your richter scale today I think. Its ghastly. Best wishes for the challenge of doing the two things this summer - hope the exhibition goes really well.

  2. Hi David, I am spoiled aren't I, it's a divine place to work.

    Hi Fiona, You will notice there are no shots of the floor or the biggest work table, selective editing; but I find I work best this way and clean up only when i can't find the floor, which will probably be later in the day. Good luck with yours and thaks for the good wishes!

  3. What a space. If that's messy then mine is a disaster ... I couldn't edit it out even if I tired! lol.

  4. Thank you for the wonderful studio/garden tour. It seems more like a 'working' studio rather than a messy one...very well organized with tools and work spaces. Your garden is magnificent and the light in the studio...heaven sent!

  5. Oh how I LOVE having a glimpse of a studio. I LOVE the disorder which speaks of so many happy truths; it says that the artist is full of inspiration, working up a storm and producing all kinds of works, deriving from all the right sources.
    Good luck with your show, can't wait to hear all about it!

  6. Hi Matt, Thanks, it is an amazing space. John works across the hall from me and people keep remarking on the VAST difference between studios, needless to say I'm the messy one, but it works for me.

    Hi Blue Sky, Thanks -you for your lovely comment and so glad you are enjoying the tour.

    Hi Anna, Thank-you. Like you I love photos of studios, love seeing the physical space that hold s that energy. Good thing mine is mostly concrete!


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