Saturday, July 9, 2011

Hope x 4 x 5

Just after the tsunami and earthquakes stuck Japan, Donna Watson wrote a very beautiful and moving blog post called "Surviving on Hope". In it she talks about how people all over the world, but especially Japan, struggle to recover their home, family and community in the face of devastation. And in the post she uses the image of a nest, as a place of safety, trust, home. After watching the dreadful news from Somalia, of drought, starvation and migration, I watched the robin who has taken up residence on our front porch, lay her 4th batch of eggs this year. Her first nest and eggs got knocked down by mistake when the fellows were repairing the eaves trough. The next day she was rebuilding [in a safer location]. And we have watched the little ones learning to fly across the rafters. J. went out yesterday to start scraping to repaint and found the nest full again, for the fourth time. This time with 5 eggs.
the 4th batch of robin's eggs

Momma  Robin


  1. hope. lovely. can you imagine making that blue???

  2. A proud momma Robin. How this reminds me of when I was just a little guy that found a bird's nest in a big evergreen bush outside the window. Such simplistic complexity is a nest.

  3. I love your post! This robin looks like she is standing guard and at full attention - really. Wonderful. Both the story and your photos. Thank you.

  4. Hi Liz, it is me-- Donna Watson :-)
    thank you for the connection from my blog post on "home" and nests to your wonderful robin's nest and eggs-- the cycle of life and the perfect example of home.

  5. Hi Velma, You are so right, that blue is so amazing and how do they do the speckled bits?

    Hi Matt, Love your story, I've been collecting nests for years now, one was made out of tags from my rose bushes no less, not the most comfortable but a feat of building.

    Hi Sharon, Thanks so much for your lovely comment, Don't you love the robin's tail sticking out through the lattice.

    Hi Donna, Thank you and thanks again for your wonderful blog.


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