Monday, August 1, 2011


Is my new favourite material; good thing as I have spent the weekend making 43 envelopes to hold each print. I have used it for years to layer between the unframed encaustics, but decided that, because this work was going to the gallery unframed, they needed more protection. And for the first time I worked on a sheet of glassine when I was applying the encaustic and working the surfaces. So much easier that the heavy plastic I used before. But now I have reams of left-over glassine with wax on it that I have saved . Don't know what it wants to be but it's to gorgeous to throw out. Do I hear the word "books"?
Glassine envelopes, print protected in its envelope, big stack of work almost ready to go, used and saved glassine sheets


  1. How satisfying, to see that big stack of art all ready to go out into the world. Love glassine too. AN artist book of wax covered glassine - yum!

  2. oh wow, that looks really good Liz!!!

  3. A lovely series of images, all evocative in their own way. The excitement of those wrapped pieces and the lovely lovely sense of the used glassine...they will quietly whisper to you one day just what they want/need to be. Best wishes Fiona

  4. Hi Leslie, it is satisfying isn't it, there is such pleasure in piles, stacks, repetition....maybe I should change the word piles? Do you know of any glue that works on glassine?

    Hi Ralf, Thanks, It's exciting to see that stack of work ready to leave.

    Hi Fiona, Thanks, am hoping they whisper loudly as I saved all the paper towel with the wax dripping as well. The studio is at the bursting point week I hope a little order will emerge.


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