Sunday, August 14, 2011

Sleeping In

Lying in bed, watching the light and shadow move across the floor, feeling lazy and languid, happy to bathe in this late summer light; knowing I should get up but waiting until I smell the coffee. A wonderful feel of fullness, of contentment of thanks and gratefulness. Thrilled with the show with so many friends there and wonderful feedback. A happy camper.  Thanks all.


  1. writing in light... right up my alley!

    how was your opening, Liz?

  2. Superb compositions Liz:)! I love watching the play of light and shade, too:) This activity can catch me as if into the cobweb:) Greetings:) Danka

  3. Hi Matt, so glad you enjoyed, these shots were taken the morning after the opening and I was blissed out, really fine response to the work.

    Thanks Danka, and welcome to the blog. It is amazing how much time one can spend watching light and shadows dance. Always loved the Edward Hopper quote where he says all he want to do is watch sunlight move across a wall.


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