Wednesday, August 3, 2011

A BIG Thank-You

The blog will be a year old tomorrow and I wanted to thank-you all for joining me on this journey. I really didn't know quite what I wanted to do when I started this but was hoping that by committing to this notebook it would help me make the transition from garden to studio and studio to garden, that I have made every spring and fall for the past 15 years, easier. I am still not sure that that is a good enough reason for a blog but I am enjoying the journey. I like the discipline of having to write even a tiny paragraph every other day. Writing has always been a huge challenge for me, Miss Dyslexic, so I am thrilled that I have actually written 182 paragraphs. The spelling, even with spell check, may be suspect at times, and my grammar and punctuation still leave a bit to be desired, but I find the whole process quite delightful. Meeting people from all over the world, making friends, even if they are [or maybe that's me] virtual, exchanging information, ideas, interests, is wonderful. So thanks ALL. And for you all, a big bouquet of peonies.


  1. Well thank you too Liz! I've enjoyed wandering in your garden with you and watching your beautiful artworks emerge. The peonies are the perfect posy!

  2. Hi Fiona, you are one of the first friends I made in this blog world, leading me to ALAW and sundry places. Feel like a kid again with pen pals, so an especially BIG thank-you and a HUGE posy.

  3. Noella couldn't post...bad blogger so I will for her..

    ..and ditto to what Fiona has said, Liz. It is a pleasure sharing with you. I am looking forward to another year with lots of lovely photos and inspirational creativity.
    xoxoxo Noela

    You can see why i like to blog when you make such fine friends. Thanks Noella

  4. Fiona and Noella have said it best. Thank you for inviting us into your delightful garden and for sharing your amazing art with us.

  5. Hi Jennifer, thanks so much, I an looking forward to the next part of the journey, so glad to have you along.


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