Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Zoe, The Wonder Dog

Well that's what we call her, and of course we think she is utterly beautiful and smart and funny and creative. And did I mention she loves to play and swim and eat cheese and peanut butter, and oh yes, the occasional mouse [YUCK]. John tells me dogs are babe magnets as everyone talks to him [and pats Zoe] when he walks her in the village; and she adores these walks as croissants and bones are likely to come her way from the friends she has made. I thought it was only fair to share a photo with you all, as I talk about her a fair bit and I didn't want your only image of Zoe to be hiding in the cupboard during thunderstorms.
Zoe triptych


  1. And she indeed sounds like a wonder dog... which is wonderful! So cute, too.

  2. Thanks Matthew, We adore her and she is a great friend to us, an incredibly loving being.


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