Saturday, June 18, 2011

New Lens

Wow. This is a tad intimidating but so exciting. I picked up the lens yesterday afternoon and could hardly bear to go to bed; up early and back to the garden. I will probably bore everyone to tears with all these photos but I am thrilled.
Silver Fern
Silver fern, even closer


  1. Hi Liz: I like your macro shots [ and the narrative, too] IF you want more depth of focus: and have a MANUAL feature, close down the aperture and increase the shutter speed, to compensate. You will get more of the subject in focus. Love, Don

  2. I'm speechless. Breathless too. What stunning photos!!! Keep them coming. I promise that you cannot bore me with photos like these two.

  3. Hi Don, you are so right, JB said exactly the same thing, so that has become the new task to learn. Want to do some teaching? xoxoxxo

    Hi Jennifer, thanks so much. This is such an exciting way of seeing, every thing looks wondrous.

  4. Liz: I thought I corrected my advice.But it didn't get thru. Increase exposere time, to compensate. Sorry 'bout that. Don


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