Thursday, June 23, 2011

Happy Birthday Darling

I can get away with this because I know he is still asleep, and I felt it was only fair as I showed you photos of Zoe, our wonder dog. So here is my darling standing in front of one of his paintings.  I photoshopped them together; his paintings are not quite this large. He has been painting madly for the past year, getting ready for an exhibition this September, in Toronto, at Odon Wagner Contemporary Art. Shameless self-promotion, but if you would like to see more of his work click here. The splash page is a slide show that you need to click on the white dots to go forward and backwards. I need to update his site and will, as soon as the last painting is photographed. Enjoy.


  1. He has wonderful work, too. And it is not shameless promotion to lead us to his pictures. John must have great patience to make the paintings he does, and now that I've read his process, I have to bow to him. I like them all but I particularly drawn to North Stairs.

  2. I've spent the day puzzling over essays for the Musée d'art contemporain's Triennale and about a public artwork by a prominent Montreal artist. So I just looked at and enjoyed Mr. Ballentyne's paintings as pictures. Without pondering their performativity. Oh so not the day's low point!

  3. Hi Matt, thanks for the lovely comments about John's work. I passed them on to him and he says you have great taste as North Stairs is one of his favourites.

    Hi Donald, great to hear from you, would love to read the latest puzzle, as you may have noticed we country folk tend to keep things simple, real simple. And thanks for the new word, can't wait to drop that into a conversation....while pondering their performativity.........


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