Monday, June 20, 2011

Don't Forget To Breathe

The lens is amazing and after a full day of taking photos, I have realized there are a few things I need to learn. 1. Need to breathe in sync to pressing the shutter. If I take a breath, the camera and I move just slightly and I can't even see what I was trying to shoot. 2. This Macro world is so seductive; it's a slightly altered universe, a bit what I imagine deep sea diving is like, and all of yesterday I wasn't quite sure where I was in the universe. 3. Need to relearn F stops and depth of field, [ can you hear my teeth grind?]. Every time someone mentions F stops I feel a door in my brain clang shut, but I need to have more of the frame in focus, so please brain give me a break!


  1. I used to have a macro lens. When I no longer did, I would dream about it! Someday I will have one again. Glorious image!

    Easy hint - if the f stop number is BIG then depth of field is SMALL.

    If the f stop number is Small, the depth of field is Big.

    Easy. If one is small, the other is big. You can do it!

  2. Makes me want to run out and buy a camera that a macro lens can be put on. What a glorious photo! More please!

  3. Hi Leslie, Thanks for the great advice, think a small tattoo is coming up for my left hand, always prefer VERY simple, small = big.

    Hi Jennifer, Run out now and get it, I'm loving it, may need to buy another hard drive to store all the images but it's a wonderful way way to look at the word.


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