Thursday, June 9, 2011

Peony Hearts and Fireflies

Walking about the garden late last night, I saw the first fire flies darting about; so of course I am hoping this is the start of a great season for them. In my mind they are always aligned to the summer solstice, that midsummer night of magic. In the distance, thunder is rumbling and I am also hoping for rain; soft, gentle rain, please, as the lupines are blooming around the pond. During the winter I read a lot of garden books and often gardeners talk about planting allées. Usually that would be trees but I thought lupins would be just fine. And they are until the 1st heavy downpour, when, en masse they dive into the pond. The tree peonies have let their petals go, heart shaped as they lie on the ground, their blossoms finished for this year ,while my very old fashioned garden type varieties are just opening and they smell divine.
Heart Leaf, tree peony

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