Wednesday, June 15, 2011


I love this plant with its fabulous ability to draw lines. It uses last year's old wood [the silvery gray color] to curl around and twine with, and if it can't find any old wood it is quite happy to stretch out into space, growing madly, until it finds something to cling to. So you see these reddish tendrils waving in the breeze and the next day it has found something new to clamor over. A brave plant.
Hops, old and new wood


  1. Gorgeous Liz - so artistic; yet so clever as a plant. They are fun to watch aren't they - where will get to next? The garden brings much pleasure in Spring - ours is slowing down and hibernating a bit.

  2. Wonderful shot. Taken with the new lens?

  3. Hi Fiona, the garden is so immensely pleasurable with all this furious growth , and green and wonderful smells, hard to believe 7 weeks ago there were still patches of snow on the ground. Do you get snow where you are, or does the garden just slow down for a while , then pick up speed and start the whole process again?

    Thanks Jennifer, the new lens should arrive today, keep your fingers crossed.


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