Sunday, June 5, 2011

By the Light of the Silvery Moon

There was the thinnest sliver of new moon last night as we walked Zoe, and I was thinking of my new work. Of how like a new moon new beginnings are; tentative, open, tender; of how hard it is to articulate what is happening, but building trust with each work. I love the garden and have used it for years in my work, as a layer, hidden; and now I am exploring ways so that it is the subject. What I find difficult is avoiding the obvious and making my sense of wonder, awe, joy visible. I have started to print the works on beautiful somerset paper and will then seal them with encaustic medium. This gives the paper a skin like translucency and makes the work easier to handle.
Silver Fern, image 20 x20 in. , support 24 x 24 in


  1. Hi Liz,

    And now I have this song in my mind. A fitting title for your post, too.

    I like your Narnia series.

  2. Hi Matthew, sorry about that, the song going around in your head I mean, actually the title was a reference to "The Owl and the Pussy Cat" by Edward Lear, one of my favourites as a kid, still is.

    Glad you like the Narnia Series, think I might be reliving my childhood, cheers, Liz


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