Monday, April 18, 2011

Web Site

Finally, I have finished up dating my web site and while I love puzzles and figuring things out, this has been a struggle. The biggest hurdle has been the videos which I almost decided not to include, but couldn't give up on the challenge of making them play. They were a huge part of my work from '95 to 2002 when I needed my images to move; to be able to project images larger that I could create, and to work with sound and image. Some of the work was created before I had a computer and using analog equipment, which makes for a very degraded image, especially as I layered line upon line and mixed in real time. I miss that excitement. Now it feels that the web site has become a static on-line portfolio, and by this point large and unwieldy, while the bog is more of the day to day life, which updates easily, and FB more of short messages on the answering machine. So with the web site finished I'm off to do my taxes, the last of jobs on my 'DO NOW" list.
Revised edition of my web site


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