Saturday, April 16, 2011

Tunnels, Veins, Arteries

Moles are amazing little creatures with their star nose and webbed feet. That being said, I have a love/hate relationship with them, as I may have mentioned. This year they have been ferociously busy tunnelling about the garden. There are mounds of dirt and exposed tunnels everywhere. The patterns of the tunnels keeps reminding me of the wonderful series "Cold Mountain" by Brice Marden, with their beautiful fluid lines, which have always to me had references of veins and arteries, a sense of life pulsing just under the skin.

Mole tunnels
Catalogue cover from the exhibition "Brice Marden, Cold Mountain"


  1. What an amazing reference you've drawn. Now maybe I'll look at all the mole damage on my lawn (though most of it is piled up earth) with more generosity.

  2. It is the same at my place though some are larger perhaps skunks, not sure. It's like my property is beening arrated....must take some pics. Thank you for the wonderful reference!

  3. Hi Altoon, I gather the moles have been just as busy in Vermont, JB just goes over all the dirt with the lawn mover, it's the garden parts that drive me nuts. I swear you can fall in up to you knees. Still working on my compromise with the little critters!

    Hi Valerie, never thought of skunks, We had a whole family living under the studios and it was not pretty, enought to make the moles look just fine.


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