Thursday, April 28, 2011


A very fine friend gave us a most beautiful bouquet of tulips. Long stemmed, yellow and red parrot tulips, vibrant and extravagant as only tulip nature can be. So of course I took a zillion photos figuring I would use them for the blog, which, of course I am doing, just not in the way I would have thought. [ Good Friday and All About Music ] These vibrant beauties wanted to be seen in all their glory in black and white. Mind you after a couple of days of working with them a bit of color began to creep in. Love when things have their own mind and if I am smart, I follow    
The Beauty of the Leaf

Tulip 9

Tulip 3.a

Tulip 12


  1. These are lovely; I especially like Tulip 3.a, but have to admit I love the bit of color creeping into Tulip 12.

  2. Thanks Altoon, as you can tell this little series was a surprise, surprised by joy one could say. [stealing from C.S. Lewis]


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