Wednesday, April 20, 2011

To The Garden

Yesterday was my idea of heaven. The ice went out of the pond, the frogs started to sing and I spent the day in the garden, the whole day. Every year I tell myself to start slowly and every year I ignore my own advice. Pruned some shrubs and roses, rebuilt some sections of stone walls that Zoe, the wonder dog, had dismantled trying to get at the squirrels and chipmunks. We both blamed the moles. Spent a fair bit of time in my big clomping boots stomping on their tunnels especially along the stone walls. How can such a tiny critter move so much earth? They must be in training for the World Mole Moving Earth Championship. I think I have the winners.

Finding what I need to start in the garden


  1. Your mention of ice caught my eye.

    I'm gardening in England and I've just come inside to cool off, the UK's not know for it's hot weather but . . . anyhow, I took a look at your book, Why I Paint, and, well . . . . couldn't resist!

  2. Hi Mavina, amazing to think of England being so warm, not the case here as it snowed on and off all day yesterday which put paid to any gardening plan. So excited about the book and really, really hope you like it. Thanks so much.

    Hi Zoltan, welcome, great to meat you and thanks for your comment. All the best.

  3. Hi Liz, your book arrived while I was away in Yorkshire. A nice surprise to find when I got back home, and a good excuse to sit still for a little while. And I do really like it.

  4. Hi Marvina, hope the holiday in Yorkshire was good, and so glad you are enjoying the book, Thanks for letting me know.


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