Saturday, April 2, 2011


Figuring out the layout for 'Why I Paint" was a fascinating challenge. Every version taught me something, usually that less is better. Lots of space, not only around the images but also the words. In fact spacing between the letters of the words became crucial. The more space equaled more presence, so that the words sat well on the page. And because I had made the original books in accordion style I could play with the images and how they led one to another over the fold, some grouped together, some on their own, always with a band of paper top and bottom. Because I knew that I would print in 44 inch spreads, gluing the 10 spreads together, I soon learned to pay BIG attention to where the folds would be. Below you can see how the spreads looked, hopefully showing the rhythm of the book.
44 inch spreads for 'Why I paint"


  1. Liz thank you for sharing these layouts and spreads - its a gift to see how somebody else has considered things and developed their work. I have to do an edition of about 15-20 books and am still stuck in a couple of spots so all hints and ideas are helpful. I think the books look beautiful!

  2. Thanks so much Fiona. Aren't you a brave woman, 15 to 20 books, tell more...I learned the more mock-ups the better and I found you tube a mine of information on some things I hadn't tried before. This fellow seems really good and there are dozens of clips. Good luck and can't wait to see.


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