Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Waste Paper

While I was cutting the 44in wide pages for the book down to their 8 inch width, I saved all the off cuts, and now that it's time to clean up the studio; again, I started to play with them. I know I need to clean up as I am a messy worker but I would much rather play with the paper. Love the feel of it, love how light plays with it, love it's memory. Made me think of a poem of Margaret Atwood's called "Resurrection"  where she talks about the great circle of life and how in the end we will all be trees. For me the great circle will continue and we will become paper then books and so on and so on.

Lovely off cuts


  1. form, lines, light, beautifully captured!

  2. I had some catching up to do here... we both have a love of paper.. and I enjoyed looking through your Blurb book-- congrats on getting one completed as it has been on my "list' for quite awhile..and I LOVE your Letter to Winter!

  3. Absolutely stunning Liz and I fully understand the distraction option being so much more fun than tidying up. I will wait to look at your blurb when I am not using my phone! Congrats F

  4. > Hi Anna, Thanks so much, I think our sensibilities are pretty similar.

    > Donna, great to see you, think Winter has finally gotten my letter.there are encouraging sign about today. Have a great time making your blurb book. Let me tell you it's been on my list for way to long and i suspect half the pleasure is crossing it of that particular list!.

    > Hi Fiona, Thanks so much, love people that would rather play than clean up, go well!


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