Thursday, February 5, 2015

Ceci n'est pas une exposition / This is not an exhibition

Last week was so busy and I forgot to post about this non exhibition. For the month of February, Galerie Art Plus has an impromptu exhibition: «Ceci n'est pas une exposition». A little wink to forget the winter cold. It's a group show with John Murphy, Brigite Normandin, Richard Surette, Susan Surette et moi. and runs until the 23rd. The gallery is at 8, rue Maple, Sutton and is open from 1 -5 pm, Thursday to Sunday. Take a winter break and come out to see it! Additional information is on the poster at the bottom.

Winter's slanted light on the gallery floor as we install, 2015

Ceramic works by Richard and Susan Surette

Tables, cupboards, benches, woodworking by John Murphy

Coming up the stairs, Brigite Normandin in front of some of her collages

Topographical map # 2, Liz Davidson

February invitation, 2015

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