Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Day 5, [the last day] 2010’s

Day 5, [the last day] 2010’s, it  seems to be a time of going back, to drawing, pencils, ink, paper, and my hands. I have always wanted a marriage of my inner and outer worlds; my love of simplicity, order, rationality, and beauty with my love of chaos, mess, fragments, layers and contradiction and beauty. We’ll see what happens.

Hands, 2013

The 64, from "The Coffee Cantata", 2013

A Blue World, 2013, mixed media on paper, 66 in x 150 in

Now I See, 2013, accordion book

Studio wall, 2014, ink on Japanese paper


  1. Wow. I find it difficult to know what to comment in this small box. When I look back over my own similar decades I almost feel as if not only was it a different time, but also a different person. You at least have been consistent in your overall occupation, whereas I, although always creative in outlook was a salaried publisher (wanting to be an artist) and now am a hobby artist.
    I am drawn to your work, admire what you have done - the strong emotional stuff in Day 3, the explorative in Day 1 - but for me the strength, the greatest pull is in Days 4 and 5.

    I understand completely your seduction by computer. How much you achieved with it, beautiful work - all your work is different kinds of beautiful. But the strongest, and that which deprives me of words to express myself are the works you have been exploring recently. I thank the day I stumbled across your blog.

    1. Olga, what a wonderful comment, thank you so much. [One of my dreams was to publish books!]

  2. Bliss. Just sheer bliss. That's the feeling this post has imparted. I'm going back to looking at the pictures and sighing happily now.


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