Monday, February 2, 2015

day 4, the 2000's

Day 4, the 2000’s, my brother had sent me a Mac, [one of the all time great presents] used as a graphic’s work station, 32 mgs of ram with 2 hard drives totally 2.3 gigs of space and a monitor bigger than our TV. I fell in love. I loved the ability to layer, whether it was sound or images. A few years later I realized I wanted my images to stop moving and began to work with video stills, using their grainy vitality as part of the work. And with all the layering came simplicity of image, a paring back to color and shape.

elegy...for the trees, 2002

An experimental work dealing with the plight of the trees in the ice storm of 1998, Link here for video
Music: Elegy for the trees by Liz Davidson 
Total running time 5.28 min.
Video 8

The Diver, 2002 , from "The sweetness of Truth the Body Reveals" series, Digital image on Arches, 13 in.H x10 in W, image, 19 in H. x 13 inW, support

She regarding...(her tilting, twirling house) 2004, from the series of the same name. Digital image on Arches paper, 42inches H x 70 inches W ( image ) 44inches H x 72 inches W ( support )

green river spirit, 2006 from the "SpiritHighways" series, Digital image, encaustic, on panel
79 in H x 22 in W

a beautiful bowl, 2008, from the series "Surrounded by Light", Digital image, encaustic
3 panels, 24 in H x 72 in W


  1. This journey through your career has been most interesting - and seeing the range and development of your work fascinating - thank you so much for it all.


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