Saturday, January 31, 2015

Day 3, the 1990’s

Day 3, the 90’s, this was a time to come back to my first love, art, and try and make sense of the death of my brother in law from Aids and the Montreal Massacre when 14 women were killed [The Female Christ, The Singing of the Stones]. I started drawing, silk screening and casting bodies with a beautiful Japanese paper called Gampi, The castings became installations; video and sound joined them, the works became performances. It was a time of collaboration and experimentation.

For Sophia...The Female Christ, 1994-5
Cast gampi tissue, wood, feathers, stone.
9.5 ft. h. x 8 ft. w. x 8 ft. d.
link to soundscape
Fate / Fortunae, Station1, from The Singing of the Stones, 1995-97
Mixed media 
Link to video /sound here

Surrender, 1993, Molded gampi tissue
77 in H x 28.5 in W x 10.25 in D

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