Thursday, January 29, 2015

Day 2, the 1980's

Day 2, The 80's. I was having a hard time making a living during the 70's and so when my sisters started having children I started to make clothes for them, and then their friends wanted clothes for their kids and then clothes for them and things just went from there, I painted and quilted silk jackets, I embroidered and embellished, I collaged onto leather and suede tops, winter coats, knit wear. Each piece was unique, although I used very simple patterns.

Zerox printed on leather, quilted and embellished sweatshirt, 1987?

Injustice Anywhere, zerox on leather, suede, 1988?  This was a tribute to Martin Luther King, there is a picture of him on the sleeve. and all the words are his.

painted and quilted jackets, winter coats, scarfs, hats, appliqué sweat shirts, At "The One Of A Kind Show" 1986?


  1. These are stunning! - spectacular colours and images - amazing!

  2. These are fabulous Liz. Just had a chuckle though because while you were having a one man show with these very fine pieces in the 80's, I thought I was being so very original here in Australia hand painting and appliqueing (have NO idea of spelling!) sloppy joe type tops for my children and others ..... Not a patch on what you were doing.

    1. Thanks Susan, I think a lot of us were doing this kind of thing in the '80's and I so glad to see a revival of DIY. There was /is a wonderful "One of a Kind" exhibition in Toronto, about 500 exhibitors, that I did, kept me solvent and a great way to make friends.


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