Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Day 1.The 1970's

There is a game / challenge or what ever you want to call it going around Facebook, where artists post 3 - 5 works a day, and as I can't follow rules I've decided to do things this way, a decade a day. [I thought it would be interesting to see how I got to where I am now]. This is the 1970's, I had just graduated in sculpture from OCA now OCAD, was doing a Masters at Sir George Williams, now Concordia, falling in love and moving to the Townships. These are scans from old photos and I really wish I had shot them in colour.

4 Blue, stacked, painted plywood, 1970-71

4 Blue, vertical, 1 ft x 1 ft x 8 ft, painted plywood, 1970-71

5 yellow triangles, painted wood, 1970 - 71

Flat plane 1, 3 ft x 24 ft, fiberglass, 1972

Flat plane 2, bolted, detail, 3 ft x 24 ft, fiberglass, 1972

Flat plane 3, bolted and stacked, 3 ft x 16 ft x2 ft , fiberglass, 1972


  1. How fascinating to see where you started out as an artist! Love the unexpected joining mechanism for the flat planes - bolts and fibreglass - wonderful!

  2. these are fantastic - really beautiful Liz!!!

  3. Hello Liz - I have really missed dropping into your blog and now I am back, I have had a small feast. Love this post idea of going back through the decades .... it will seem a little like the Blog Hop International posting some of us did, where we were able to see or understand a little of what has made us into the artist's we are today. I drooled over a number of your last blogs of fog and snow. Delicious. As always.

    1. Thanks so much Susan, hope the time away was wondrous! Love the idea of the blog Hop, I love seeing artists earlier work…. and mid work, and later work.


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