Wednesday, June 13, 2012


Pot bound was a good description for these nepeta that I planted last week. Having given up on lavender, [there are 4 out of 20 plants left after 5 years] I am replacing it all with what we call Quebec lavender or catnip or nepeta. I had to score through the root ball and split it before planting but I was mightily impressed with the profusion of roots. I like their pattern and especially like the hairy bits on the smaller tendrils. [Click the photo to enlarge] If any of you have cats and don't have this in your garden do your cats a favour and plant some. My cats used to spend all summer curled about the catnip with a blissful expression on their face.

Roots of Nepeta, 6 Hills Giant


  1. These are beautiful, Liz and like you, I am fascinated with the intertwined patterns created amongst the roots.

  2. Thanks Holly, the roots are quite wonderful. A friend suggested that they looked like aerial views of complicated freeway overpasses, Turcot interchange came to mind, so I will think roots every time we use it.


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