Thursday, June 7, 2012

The Exuberant Hops

I cut these back really hard in early spring and did they ever like that. It was as if I had dared them and now it's all grow, grow grow. Tendrils fluttering in the air trying to grasp any thing in reach. And in the grasping the tendrils make the best garden graffiti. Marks, letter forms, they are some of the best artists in the garden. Some other posts that I have done on hops, [you can tell I love them] are linked here; And More Drama Queens, Getting Closer, Secret Places and Drawing.

Exuberant hops

Alphabet hops


  1. amazing the difference in emotional impact between the colour and black & white versions...

  2. Love it... la délicatesse, l'exubérance d'un jardin de poète....magnifique Liz...fervente du noir et blanc, je suis conquise ici par les tonalités de verts ...

  3. Extraordinary... these mosaics are works of art. The tendrils make exquisite shapes and lines.

  4. Thanks Sarah, love the green world of the 1st photo and the black and white is so calligraphic, [is that a word?]. It wasn't as strong until I inverted it.

    Merci beaucoup Denise, le jardin est un rêve à cette époque de l'année.

    Thanks Jo, some people think this vine is a thug and out to conquer the world. The way it grows here it may be at your place soon!

    Thanks Ronnie, I agree, want some?

  5. I love the writing, the gestures, the marks...definitely calligraphic!

  6. Thanks Fiona I love what vines can draw. Planted some grapes a few years ago, and while they are still young, they definitely have potential in the drawing department.


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