Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Scanning Bits And Pieces

Time seems to have gone missing lately, but yesterday afternoon, after a snooze, and waiting for the internet to work, I found some small treasures in the garden. Strong winds for the past couple of days had blown some lichen off a branch of a tree. I love the gray-green color.  I love it's coral like texture and shape and I keep meaning to read more on how it grows. It seems an ancient plant to me, full of knowledge of how to exist in the world, how to adapt and especially how to do things very slowly.



  1. Thanks for inspiring me to use my scanner creatively. Great image.

  2. This image is gorgeous - a calligraphy dance. Love the juxtaposition of the sharp focus against the blur. Beautiful.

  3. Thanks so much Jo and Susan, I am constantly amazed by the images that come out of the scanner and like you Susanso intrigued by the combination of soft and sharp focus. I had expected only sharp focus.


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