Friday, April 6, 2012

Repeating Patterns

It's strange the hold over one, the patterns of your childhood have. I notice that before Easter my work often becomes darker and darker, in mood, tonality and color. Although I subscribe to no religion my response to the church's year is deeply embedded. Working with these images last night I kept seeing reflections of the crucifixion that made me look at some of my earlier work. And while I know my work is often concerned with light and shadow in all its manifestations, this particular pattern still surprises me.

Backbone of Light
Becoming the tree, 2005


  1. Having been brought up Roman Catholic and educated by nuns I can empathise with this! It is so deep even if we deny it now!

  2. Hi Rosie, while I am grateful to the church for developing my love of poetry from singing the psalms and introduction to classical music from singing of the liturgy, the rest said it.

  3. Yes I agree - I've just joined a choir and love singing which has stemmed from those early days at church! And I still find that rituals are important in my life -but I now prefer spiritual rather than religious to describe my way of life.


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