Thursday, April 12, 2012

Longing for a Certain Blue

Walking about the garden today, making mental lists of what needs to be done, [and there is a lot as I am late starting,] I shot photos of the scillias who are finally beginning to colonize parts of the woody areas.  I love that blue. Seeing them on the computer I was disappointed. Not the feel I know is there, so change lens. Still not right. Play about with color values. Still not right. Dig a scilla out of the ground, wash it and scan it. Mummm better, but still not. Go back outside and walk among the scilla. Yes that's the blue. I guess you just have to walk among them.

scanned scillia


  1. But for us far away and unable to walk in your forest, your scanned scillia is a glorious gift!
    Thank you!!!

  2. It is beautiful Liz but I guess your experience of walking amongst them was more beautiful - the experience is everything!

  3. Hi Anna and Rosie, please forgive this tardy reply. Your comments got lost in that pile that we call an inbox. Thank-you both for your lovely comments. The blue is almost glowing and years ago I planted 100 blubs and now one of the joys is seeing how they have spread. My dream is to have them cover the floor of the woody areas of the garden.


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